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Heer Ranjha tells the eternal love story between Heer and Ranjha who were destined to fulfill if not in genuine life however in paradise. The film tries to bring back the legend of the two lovers with utmost credibility and historical precision. Heer Ranjha will create a magic as even after nearly 300 years today people across languages and cultures sing and read about the love story of these star crossed souls.


Dance -Dancing is for those ladies who actually wanted to rock on the party and indulge into the cool moves to blast their hen celebration nights in design. Ranging from hip hop street dance to classic 80's and ABBA dance themes, mix and match to bollywood dance, Salsa to pole & burlesque and lot more. These dance steps will surely keep the celebration on the groove.

In addition to the Colors channels, STAR India One is available with this plan. The huge list of shows consists of the leading reality shows on TELEVISION, serials, dramas, brand brand-new programs and other stuffs of amusement. If you have an interest in Bollywood chit talks, you get the whole of it with films and news from Bollywood in this pack. All these interesting channels come to you at a deal cost of $24.99 per month.

A long time passes and Nikita reveals up on Xen's doorstep upset and soaked from a rainstorm. They quickly strip and make love. It was quite a moving love scene and really unanticipated because I've just see Top OTT Website India with discreet kissing and no love scenes. In either case, it has to be one of the very best love scenes I have every seen. The next early morning Xen asks Nikita when he can see her next and she states in a month due to the fact that she is going on trip to the Bahamas with her daddy. Now this is where the film takes an unanticipated turn.

This film absolutely showcases Siddarth Anand's caliber as a director. He has a great sense of story informing and he presents the characters of Kiara, Akash too Blush with panache. Hats off for providing the automobile a character of its own- it definitely contributes to the here story. Blush function as a foil to the story.

You can utilize these wallpapers to embellish your space to make it stunning. Some wallpaper that is eye appealing can make you monitor hot location. You can utilize them and use them on your desktop or laptop's screen.

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